Extremely shameful that Mr. Gandhi's hatred towards Modi is so strong
Smriti Irani

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WATCH | Highlights From The #CongSaysIndiaFixed Debate

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On The Debate on #CongSaysIndiaFixed, Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami threw some light on the accusations Rahul Gandhi made on the government elected by people of India. Where he accused the government of fixing the rating of World Bank. Here are a few instances from the past: In June 2013, when the Manmohan Singh government was in campaign mode, the World Bank said India's shares in global investments are expected to almost double by 2030; the Congress lapped it up and loved it. And in January 2014 when the World Bank told Rahul Gandhi (who was being projected as the PM in the waiting) that India was almost catching up with China, the Congress was flattered and loved it then.  

 And now, India has made unprecedented strides to jump 30 places to a position never seen before in the World Bank ease of doing business ratings, unable to digest it Congress party has now said that India has fixed it.  Here's what I & B Minister, Smriti Irani said on The Debate... 

 "I think it's extremely shameful that Mr. Gandhi's hatred and the Congress' desire to spite Mr. Modi is so strong that it easily gets converted into spiting your country and it's passion interest. You can't cast aspersions on the intent of India as nation  and the democratically elected government, but to also call data from a well established institution like the World Bank fixed is extremely shameful. Specially by those who have been in positions of authority and responsibility in the Union cabinet. Are there any indications in their statement that when they were in these positions they were fixing things within the Congress establishment and the government of that time. When will they recognise that their hatred for Modi cannot be converted into hatred for national interest or for the national sentiment. Any Indian today irrespective of their political ideology should cherish the fact that India has done so well on the ease of business franking. But it is shocking for every Indian to witness that just because you have a political clash with an individual you do not mind dragging your country into distribute." 

 She further added, "The nation has witnessed that even to make parliamentary speeches Mr. Gandhi is aided by a piece of paper where comments are already pre-registered and pre-written. By now everybody in the country knows. And for that gentleman to actually stand there and talk about the state of economy he calls the finance minister many names. I as a BJP member can proudly challenge Mr. Gandhi to have the oata of integrity to stand in front of Jaitley and talk about every issue which is connected to the economy." 

 "Is he abreast of all the economic challenges the UPA left behind this nation to deal with? Is he abreast with all the challenges that were overcome? Is he abreast with the fact that the GST that he uses to spite the BJP politically is a decision by a council consists of Congress men and women and people from other political hues. So just to you it's any condition, any institution for that matter any programme to score a political brownie points. Sometimes one has to understand that there is a fine distinction that has to be now drawn between what is politically prudent and beneficial and what is national interest. So I can only hope that sense will prevail, but looking at past history my hope will be shattered soon. And has been evident now Mr. Manu Singhvi's statement and callous statement even made by Mr. Gandhi," she said as she concluded.