Did Delhi Police Coverup IPL Match Fixing Scandal?

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According to Sreesanth, there were 13 names that were named in Mudgal Committee report and BCCI had requested that these names not be revealed. “I remember that the 13 names were named in the Mudgal committee report and BCCI had then requested not to reveal the names as it may affect the Indian Cricket,” said the former Indian bowler. 

The pertinent question that needs to be answered is: Did the Delhi Police cover-up the 2013 IPL match fixing scandal? 

Will the 2000 match fixing haunt BCCI? Sreesanth talks about former Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar and how went on to explain him the 2000 match-fixing case and revealed the names of some big players. Sreesanth further reveals that BCCI had begged Neeraj Kumar not to reveal the names of the players involved in that case. Is there a connection between the 2000 match-fixing scandal and the 2013 IPL fixing scandal.

A number of revelations made by Sreesanth during the interview.

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