WATCH | Arnab Takes On The BJP Spokesperson Over #AshokSuesKhattar

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On The Debate with Arnab, a Republic investigation exposed how the accused juvenile in the Pradyuman murder case was questioned and let go of by Khattar's cops. Following the investigation, Om Prakash Chopra, uncle of Ashok (the conductor who was 'fixed') lashed out at BJP's Raman Malik for putting his nephew through torture and then shrug it off like it was nothing. 

"The police poured hot water on the child, hung him upside down, electrocuted him and gave him injections. After all this torture, what can the kid do?" asked Om Prakash Chopra. 

"The third degree torture that was given to Ashok by the Police, had the same thing happened to your child, wouldn't he have confessed to you? an emotional Chopra asked the BJP spokesperson. 

Republic TV's Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami questioned BJP's Raman Malik on The Debate and called for Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar's resignation. 

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Ashok's uncle also took on Vinod Kataria, Secretary, District Bar Association, Gurugram, after Republic investigation showed how lawyers ganged up against Ashok and failed to provide counsel for him. 

 Earlier on Thursday, the Gurugram Police officer who led the probe into Pradyuman's murder before the CBI took over claimed to have no knowledge of what the central agency's investigation had turned up.