I'm glad these so-called 'fana-lunatics' are coming out in the open
Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam Coins Hilarious Term To Describe Fatwa-happy Brigade

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  • Sonu Nigam has entered the #FatwaForYoga controversy and taken on fringe elements who are calling Yoga 'un-Islamic'
  • A fatwa was earlier issued to Rafia Naaz, a popular Yoga teacher
  • Sonu Nigam has spoken about his long association with Yoga

Joining the chorus of outrage over certain fringe elements issuing a fatwa to popular Yoga teacher Rafia Naaz, Sonu Nigam has shared his own opinion on the issue.

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In an exclusive video message, Sonu Nigam has echoed Baba Ramdev's view that Yoga is beyond religion. He also harkens back to his past and speaks about how he was initiated into Yoga. 

That Yoga has been a significant part of Sonu Nigam's life is evident, not only from the experiences that he shares, but also from the fact that he coins a new term -- fana-lunatics (fanatic + lunatic ?) -- to describe those fringe elements who are currently communalising Yoga.

"I'm glad in a way that these so-called 'fana-lunatics' are coming out in the open and exposing themselves"

Watch his full opinion in the video above.