Some crazy people are there in every religion
Baba Ramdev

WATCH: 'Crazy People In Every Religion', Says Baba Ramdev On Fatwa For Yoga Controversy

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  • Fatwa issued against Rafia Naaz who is a Yoga teacher from Jharkhand
  • Yoga 'Un-Islamic' as per Fatwa-brigade
  • Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who has shared the stage with Rafia weighs in

In light of a fatwa being issued against Rafia Naaz, a popular Yoga teacher from Jharkhand, Republic TV spoke to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for his take on the topic. 

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Ramdev said:

'Some crazy (सिरफ़िरे) people are there in every religion. Today, from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, Muslim people are practising Yoga.

Yoga is a physical exercise. It's an education for a healthy body and mind. There is no need to bring religion in the middle of this.'

Rafia had been receiving death threats from certain groups for teaching the allegedly 'un-Islamic' Yoga. She is a resident of Ranchi and has been performing Yoga since the age of four. She had gained popularity after sharing the stage with Ramdev and has even won many accolades and awards in the field.

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Watch Baba Ramdev's opinion on the topic in the video above.