Twitter Doubles Character Count For Display Names



  • Twitter extended character count for usernames.
  • Twitter announced users can have a username consisting of up to 50 characters.
  • Earlier, Twitter increased character count for tweets.

Following up with the earlier increase in character count for tweets, popular micro blogging site Twitter has now extended character count for usernames on the platform. In its latest update, Twitter announced that starting Friday, users can have a username consisting of up to 50 characters, it said.



On Wednesday, Twitter notified that following the successful pilot phase of its character expansion move, it will officially be rolling out the feature to all languages where cramming was an issue, barring Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

In a blog post penned by the developers, Twitter claimed that while users stayed within the 140-character limit wherever possible and kept the brevity of the medium intact, certain issues required more comprehensive and structured tweets, thus enabling them to tweet easily and more often.

Furthermore, the increased count from 140 to 280 characters paved the way for better interaction and user engagement, as twitterers had more room to express themselves, it noted.

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