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Reactions That Best Describe The Agony Italy Faced As They Failed To Qualify For The World Cup

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  • Italy fails to qualify for the 2018 Russia World Cup after a 0-0 draw against Sweden in San Siro. 
  • This is the first time that the Azzuris have failed to qualify in a World Cup since 1958. 
  • A teary eyed Gianluigi Buffon announced his retirement from international game right after the game. 

On Monday when the referee blew the final whistle at the San Siro, everyone who were watching the game had a strange sense of feeling. That feeling where you know what just happened, but your mind refuses to believe it, for Italy failed to qualify in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

Naturally, reactions flew in from the footballing world as well as outside it. People didn't know what to think of the recent turn of events. We have compiled a few of the reactions that we feel described last night for Italy perfectly. 

“I feel I have to apologize to Italians for the result.” — Italy coach Gian Piero Ventura.

“It is upsetting that my last match decided we didn’t qualify for the World Cup.” — Retiring Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon.

“I’m sorry. Not for me, though, but for (Italy).” — Buffon

Clearly, there was one optimistic neutral fan of the game, who thought this is sign that other teams are getting better, and we really can't blame him for thinking that. 

“At end we deserved it, because I’m not someone who believes in luck. We all need to look within and find a way to bounce back. We need to get back to the level we deserve to be at.” — Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

“We gave everything we had. They deserved it more.” — Chiellini.

“There’s little to say. Unfortunately there will be a lot of time to analyze it. The only thing I can say is that we showed few ideas and not much in the way of tactics.” — De Rossi.

“It’s a black moment for our game.” — Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

We would like to tell this lad, it's too late mate. It's too late. 

“Not going to the World Cup is tragic.” — Italy playmaker Federico Bernardeschi.

Then there is this man, He wold have loved to be a part of this historic moment for this team, but well, for now. Instagram should do the trick. 


We are Zweden @swemnt

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“Nobody wanted this.” — Italy forward Manolo Gabbiadini.


“It was a demonstration of how strong we are as a group.” — Sweden coach Janne Andersson.

“We have many heroes tonight.” — Andersson.

“I am very happy but above all happy for these players. For many of them it was probably the last chance to get to the World Cup. Obviously I’m somewhat taken over by emotions and obviously very happy.” — Andersson.