WATCH: This Is Nothing But Dirty Politics: Hardik Patel On Sex Tape

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  • Hardik Patel said he was unaffected by the controversy surrounding the 'sex cd' allegedly featuring him, says it makes no difference to him
  • The PAAS chief suggested that this is part of a larger gameplan to defame him and destroy his credibility 
  • Hardik said that he's being targeted due to the support he enjoys from women 


Reacting to the 'sex cd' that allegedly featured him, a defiant Hardik Patel has said that his life is an open book and such "cheap tactics" will not make any difference to him. Hardik, who has been at the center of a storm ahead of next month's Gujarat elections, has said that there has been a continuous attempt to defame him. Hardilk's former aide Ashwin Patel claimed to have more proof against the PAAS chief and said that he has no links with the BJP or any other political party. 

" I don't care what Ashwin Patel has exposed. As far as I'm concerned, I will continue to work for reservation. This is the dirty politics that emerges during elections. Whenever elections approach, they talk about terrorism, nationalism and bring up the Hindu-Muslim issue to polarise people. This is nothing but dirty politics," Hardik said in an exclusive conversation with Republic TV.  

A defiant Hardik insisted that he was ready to take his accusers head-on and that he wont' be perturbed by such allegations. "In 2006, they had made a video of Sanjay Joshi, and he eventually had to leave Gujarat. But Hardik is not so weak that he will leave Gujarat. In fact, I will face them head on and fight directly. This (tape) makes no difference to me," he said, speaking about himself as a third-party. 

The Patidar Arakshan Sangharsh Committee chief felt that the issue is bigger than Ashwin Patel and that there's a larger plot in play. "A few friends of mine, who are IPS officers, had told me that there is a bigger gameplan to defame me. They had warned me that these people will try to threaten me and try to make sure I stop my protests," he said. 

"Let us for a moment accept that these are my videos, why are you attacking my privacy? Will they also talk about Narendra Modi and Jashoda? Suppose an IAS or IPS officer is fighting with the government, will you go to his hotel and sting him when he is with his wife?  This is wrong and our laws doesn't allow this. These are cheap tactics," Hardik expressed.

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Stressing that he was completely unaffected by the controversy, Hardik said that this attempt to defame him was done due to his strong female following. 

"This is being done because women follow me. I have received tremendous support from women. This cd has been released to show women that I have lost my way. Let them do what they want, it makes no difference to me," a defiant Hardik Patel added.