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Russia's 'evidence' Of The US Helping ISIS Was Just Video Game Screenshots!

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  • Russia posted on social media 'irrefutable evidence' that the US was aiding ISIS in Syria.
  • The pictures turned out to be screenshots from a video game! 
  • The citizens also called out the Russian Ministry of Defence for their mistake

Russia for months had been accusing the US of aiding the ISIS in Syria. On Monday, 13th November they took to social media to post 'irrefutable' evidence against the USA. 

But it turns out the evidence was just screenshots of a video game and old videos from Iraq! After which, the Tweet was deleted.

In the Tweet, one of the pictures was supposedly US covering an ISIS convoy leaving the Abu Kamal region. This however, was a screenshot from an AC-130 simulator video game!

Russian Ministry of Defense's

The other 3 images were also not what Russia Claimed they were. Instead, they turned out to be videos shot in Iraq in 2016.

Russian citizens also reportedly have called out their Ministry of Defense for the mistake. 

"Do not Humiliate Yourself and do not humiliate Russia" the above Tweet translates to.

On Tuesday, the buck was passed onto a  "civil service employee."