Arnab Goswami And Prakash Singh Break The Massive #CashForJustice Expose

Team Republic |

Watch Arnab Goswami and Prakash Singh breaking the mega exclusive #CashForJustice story straight from the Republic newsroom. 

"Never before has there been an expose of the Indian judicial system. We all hear about the corruption that prevails in the criminal justice system in India. Many of us have experienced it. We know that palms have to be greased to get court dates; we crib about how without money and influence you cannot get justice in India. Everyone talks about how only the top stars who can afford top lawyers get relief, while the vast majority of Indians get shafted under the weight of an unjust system. 

This is all common knowledge, yet this basic truth that affects the lives of almost all Indians has never been laid bare. This too must now be exposed. Republic is today openly exposing corruption in the courtroom: Cash being exchanged at multiple levels of the lower judiciary. Cash for court dates. Cash for choosing jails. Cash for getting fake bail. Cash for getting court papers. In other words, Cash for justice & justice for a price. From the insides of the Patna District Court, one of India’s busiest courts, this is a story every judge in India must see and wake up to.  Republic brings you Cash for Justice."