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WATCH: Brave Guard Prevents ATM Robbery At Majra Dabas

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  •  Two unknown bikers attempt to rob an SBI ATM at Delhi's Majra Dabas, open fire at guard
  • The brave guard, Dalip Tiwari, fights off the assailants and prevents the robbery, despite being shot at
  • Tiwari is out of danger and teams have been set up to investigate the case


In an instance of tremendous courage and bravery, an ATM guard foiled a robbery bid, despite being under attack from unknown assailants in Delhi's Majra Dabas area. On Wednesday, two unknown bikers fired on a guard, Dalip Tiwari, outside an SBI ATM near the Majra Dabas main road. 

However, despite being shot at, the guard bravely managed to ward off the armed bikers and prevented an ATM robbery. The guard, who was shot on his thigh, is out of danger and a case has been registered under the Arms act. Teams have also been formed to investigate the case and nab the culprits.