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Courts Cannot Provide A Long-term Solution: Sri Sri On Ayodhya Dispute

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Art of Living Founder and spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar exuded confidence and positivity after his meeting with all the stakeholders in the longstanding Ram Temple-Babri Masjid dispute. Sri Sri, who is playing the role of a mediator in the issue, said that the only way to solve the dispute is through dialogue. 

"It was a very cordial meeting. This is only the start and it will take a couple of months before anything concrete can emerge from this. But things are positive and people want to come out of this conflict," Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said after the meeting. 

Making his first big statement on the issue, Sri Sri said that the courts cannot bring a solution to the issue, and that a long-term solution is required.

"I have not come with an agenda. I want to listen to everybody and figure out a long-term solution to this problem. The courts cannot give a long-term solution. After 50 years or 100 years, somebody may question the decision and it will keep both communities divided. We need to see that both communities come together with goodwill and friendship and with good spirit," he said.

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When asked about how long it would take to bring a solution to the problem, Sri Sri said, "It is too early to come to conclusions. First, let me talk to everybody. Let all the stakeholders talk to their respective teams. We will continue this process of dialogue to bring a peaceful solution."

On Wednesday, the Art of Living founder had met UP CM Yogi Adityanath, just a day ahead of Sri Sri's meeting with all the stakeholders in the Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute. Both of them, however, maintain that they had not discussed the issue in their meeting. 

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