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LinkedIn CEO's Selfie Goes Viral

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A few days ago LinkedIn employee Mariah Walton realised that her pre-planned vacation was clashing with her CEO Jeff Weiner personally coming down to visit them all.

Walton knew she could not be there personally so she improvised: She decided to leave a photo and note for Weiner, laying out her role and bemoaning the fact that she'd miss her chance for a selfie. 

Walton apologised for not being there and wrote in a LinkedIn post


Well, Weiner clearly appreciated the effort, because Walton came back to find that Weiner had indeed taken a selfie -- with her own selfie at her desk. 

Walton posted the picture on LinkedIn, where it attracted almost 30,000 Likes and about 500 comments at the time of writing. Weiner himself chimed in, thanking Walton for her contributions. 

"Mariah, sorry I missed you this trip to Dublin. Keep up the great work on the International dashboard. Has been a game changer for the product team," wrote Weiner. 

This post has almost 4,000 Likes on its own. 

Comments started pouring in one by one

In the comments thread, Ms. Walton also wrote that she considered herself "fortunate" that her company allows "such banter".