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Ben Affleck Slammed On Twitter After Laughing About Sexual Harassment In Hollywood!

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In an MTV interview recently with the Justice League cast, the interviewer asked what new character should join the Justice League sequel.

To which Ben Affleck responded saying Black Canary since they could use more women. The others also suggested a few female characters like Supergirl.

“What would you get up to if you had, like, Supergirl, joining the team?” the interview then asks the cast.

“I think it would create a different dynamic,” responds Ray Fisher, to which Affleck added with a chuckle: “Have you seen the news at all?”

The rest of the crew remained silent while Ben Affleck laughed it off. The joke soon drew immense hate and criticism from fans on social media and his video went viral!

He was accused of making light of the growing sexual harassment scandal including Harvey Weinstein and many others including himself!

Affleck had behaved inappropriately with Hilarie Burton & Anne-Marie Losique in the past and he apologised since he was “examining his own behaviour”

Why is he making light of it now?