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WATCH| App Called 'Har Har Mahadev' Blocks Pornographic Content, Plays Prayers Instead



  • Banaras Hindu University’s new app called Har Har Mahadev blocks porn on campus, plays prayers (bhajan) instead
  • In a bid to reduce addiction to pornography a team of professors at the Banaras Hindu University has developed an app that will block inappropriate content.

A team of neurologists at the Institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras Hindu University (IMS-BHU) recently developed a smartphone application that can block pornographic websites free of cost. Once downloaded, the app, called Har Har Mahadev, will play prayers (bhajans) when the user attempts to open a pornographic link. In an interview with ANI,  Dr Vijay Nath Mishra of Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University's neurology department said the team's aims to increase the scope of the app by including other religious prayers, not just Hindu prayers but Muslim devotional songs too! Watch the video above.