WATCH: After The Mega #CashForJustice Investigation Impact, Here's Part 2

Team Republic |

In Part 1 of Republic TV's mega #CashForJustice investigation, for the first time on Indian Television, corruption in the court premises was exposed. Through a series of sting operations conducted over weeks by Republic TV's Prakash Singh, Republic exposed #CashForJustice. The deep investigation saw 29 Courtroom staff stung, 4 fake bailors on rent stung, 3 accused greasing palms stung, and 5 cops as witnesses through it all caught on camera, all of which unraveled the story of corruption in the Indian judicial system.

WATCH: The full #CashForJustice investigation

Now, after 4 officials were suspended as a direct result of the #CashForJustice investigation at the Patna district court premises, Republic TV is putting out the second part of the sting.

#CashForJustice Part 2 contains five more tapes, bringing the total number in the first-of-it's-kind sting to 16.

Watch in the video above, how freely money changes hands across levels for a wide range of judicial matters.