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Man Found His Long Lost Car After 20 Years


A 76-year-old man in Germany was reunited with his car after 20 years in Frankfurt, where he had parked the vehicle in 1997 but forgot the spot and assumed that it got stolen.

The car, which was reported "stolen" to the police by the man, then 56, was no longer in a working condition and has rusted when city authorities found it.

"Twenty years later, the authorities in the city have tracked down the missing vehicle, only to discover that the man who owned it had in fact, just forgotten where hed parked the car and had assumed it had been stolen," a media house reported.

The car was found in a garage in an old industrial building that is due to be demolished, it said.

Quoting a local German media house, the report said the man, who was not identified, was driven by the police with his daughter to be reunited with the car.

The city authorities said the car was not functional and had to be scrapped.

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