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Though I Am Disappointed Right Now, I Choose To Be Optimistic About ‘Padmavati’, Says Shahid Kapoor

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  • Shahid Kapoor has broken his silence on the movie 'Padmavati'. 
  • Shahid said the he is very optimistic about the movie.
  • Shahid said that the violent conversation around the movie is uncalled for.

As the release of Padmavati has been pushed indefinitely owing to the massive controversies around it, Shahid Kapoor essaying the role of Maha Rawal Ratan Singh has broken his silence on the movie.

Shahid, who is currently in Goa attending India International Film Festival 2017,has said, “This is not the first time that I have been a part of film that has been controversial. I remember ‘Udta Punjab’ also had a lot of drama before it finally got released. But I am very optimistic.

There is a political slugfest going around the movie with a few leaders backing Padmavati and others opposing it vehemently. Reacting on the politics around it, Shahid Kapoor said,

Sometimes, films of this nature are difficult to get through to people than usual. This is not the time to be angry or losing cool, enough people doing that right now.”

Reiterating his faith on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, the Udta Punjab star said,


I am sure Padmavati will come out, and it’s a film we all are so proud of. Once, people see the film they will feel the same way and all this will forgotten.”


In the recent past, fringe has gotten very violent about ‘Padmavati’ while resorting to threatening the stars and vandalism. Shahid said that all the violence that is going to stop the release of the movie is “uncalled for”.

“Any kind of violent conversation on the film is absolutely uncalled for.I am very confident that Padmavati will come out in full force. There is nothing in the movie which is unacceptable or in bad taste. Our constitution says that you are innocent until proven guilty, so I think it should be extended to the film as well. Though I am disappointed right now, I choose to be optimistic.”

Meanwhile, on Monday, Central Board of Film Certification turned down the application by makers of Padmavati seeking to expedite Certification process of the movie. The CBFC while turning down the plea said that the movie will be reviewed and certified as per set norms of following the chronological order of all applications.