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Nine Reasons Why The Congress Found The Perfect Party President In Rahul Gandhi

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  • Rahul Gandhi is all set to become the Congress Party President. 
  • The Congress Working Comitteee has approved Rahul Gandhi's elevation to the post of President on Monday. 
  • Nine reasons why Rahul Gandhi is the perfect contender for the post?

Rahul Gandhi is on the brink of becoming Congress Party President. 

With the Congress Working Committee approving Rahul Gandhi’s elevation to the post of President on Monday, the Congress party is all set to go through a generational switch after over 20 years. 

But what makes Rahul Gandhi the perfect contender for the post? 

His pathbreaking vision? 

A video emerged of Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Gujarat where he said that he intends to make a machine to save the Indian economy, where potatoes (Yes, potatoes) will be turned into gold. This is what he exactly said. “Aisi machine banauga, iss side se aaloo ghusega, uss side se sona niklega. iss side aaloo daalo, uss side se sona nikalo.” 

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Is it because of his ability to ‘connect’ with the people? 

Rahul Gandhi claims to know the people of India. In almost all of his memorable speeches, he says that he knows what the people are going through and can feel their agony. But Mr. Gandhi, in one of his numerous digs at the government for the implementation of Demonetisation, tweeted a picture of a man who was crying. 

“Ek aansu bhi hukumat ke liye khatra hai, tumne dekha nahin aankhon ke samundar hona" (Even a single tear is a danger for the government; you haven't seen eyes turning into an ocean).”   

He brought out his poetic side and tweeted a touching extract. It all seemed like a masterstroke by the Gandhi, but what he didn’t fathom is the man turned out to be a supporter of Demonetisation and was quick to counter Rahul’s creativity. Ouch.

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Are the people scared of his martial arts skills? 

Rahul Gandhi is apparently unopposed for the post of President of the Congress Party. One reason could be that because it's Rahul Gandhi taking over the reins from his mother Sonia Gandhi, *coughs* ‘dynasts’ *cough*.  Or it could be just because people are scared of his Aikido skills. (Let’s go with that one, for now.

Rahul Gandhi had said in a PUBLIC forum that he is well trained in Aikido and the he doesn’t like to talk about it publicly. But then, pictures emerged of his diligent training. (Now that’s a masterstroke. That ought to scare the contenders away.)

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Is it because of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘perfect’ analogies? 

Remember Rahul Gandhi’s comparison of  the Indian economy to an ‘ICU’? Rahul Gandhi, roughly a month ago had said that the Indian Government because of ‘Note-ban’ and poor implementation of GST had put the country in a state of ICU. (A little harsh, Rahul. Don’t you think?)

Of course, his 4.42 million followers didn’t take it well. (If you’re not surprised with this sentence, you should be. We’ll tell you why later) Union Minister Giriraj Singh took offence to the comment and said that Mr. Gandhi’s thinking is in the ICU. Now whether it’s the economy or Rahul’s mind. We let you decide. 

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Plot Twist. Is it because of the mastermind ‘Pidi’? 

Rahul Gandhi in October came clean of all his actions. He said that it wasn’t him and that it was his dog named Pidi that tweets for him. Now this is an interesting twist, Is Rahul Gandhi being elevated because of a much higher authority? Is it because of ‘Pidi’? (Imagine that for a plot.) 

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Is it because of the influence he has on the bot community? 

Now when we said that Rahul Gandhi’s 4.42 million followers didn’t react well, it shouldn’t be surprising right? But when we say that Rahul Gandhi’s bots didn’t react well, now that’s surprising. 

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For a man who evokes emotion among bots, the people of this country should be a cakewalk. 

It could be because of his refreshing take on Indian history

If Rahul Gandhi’s actions haven’t surprised you till now, we are sure this will: Rahul Gandhi while addressing a gathering at Times Square said that India has benefited a lot because of the NRIs and that leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. BR Ambedkar were NRIs. 

We’re just going to leave this here. 

Rahul Gandhi has tried, and is still trying. 

If anyone has a never-say die attitude, it has to be Rahul Gandhi. How else can we defend his vigour even after losing 27 elections?! (A possible Guinness record, btw). The soon-to-be Congress President possibly holds the record for the most elections lost by a party when he was the vice-president. Now, will his fortune change or is he going to consolidate his record, now as Congress President. We can’t wait to find out.  

And of course, there’s the Dynasty angle

Okay, This seems pretty straight forward and it might just be the most appropriate reason why he is being made the Congress President. For a man who proudly defends ‘dyansty’ and says that everybody in India is a ‘dynast’ it is only poetic that he becomes the President of a party, taking over the reins from his mother. 

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Now, nobody knows how Rahul is going to fare as the Congress President but him taking over the top spot has to be a reflection of the above mentioned series of events and at the end all we can say is, Godspeed Rahul Gandhi!