14-day Old Infant Found In A Rickshaw

Team Republic |

It was on a fateful Sunday evening when Kanjurmarg resident Hemant Sharma stepped out for a walk with his friends but as they reached Datar colony they heard the cry of an animal in pain. Like a responsible and animal-loving citizen Sharma walked closer. As they began advancing in the direction of the cry, they got closer to the dumpster. No kitten, no puppy found. 

In a rickshaw parked right beside the dumpster the gang found a baby wrapped in a sheet of cloth. "My friends asked me to wait until the cops reach, as they were trying to reach the cops, but couldn't get through. That's when a friend of mine ran to a nearby police station to inform," said Sharma.

Adding, "She was shivering and I couldn't see her in  state like that I picked her up and by then the police had also reached."

Post which the formalities were completed and the baby was rushed to the hospital, where she is being treated. "The doctors said they will conduct a series of tests on her and she will remain under observation for 48 to 72 hours. That's also when I learnt she was only 14 days old. I keep calling the cops to ask about her. They say the minute she's fine they will move her to an NGO in Bhandup."

In the meanwhile, Kanjurmarg East police officials are also scanning through the CCTV footage of the area where the baby was found.