WATCH: Congress Leader Accuses Govt Of Subverting Democracy

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  • Azad alleged the Government is trying to hold democracy by delaying Winter session of Parliament
  • Prods Government over employment and defence deal issues
  • Trying to take away focus from a setback in Gujarat where another veteran leader has resigned from the Congress party. 


After hectic meetings yesterday, the Congress has had its plate full with various announcements and allegations to be put forth. Congres leadership announced the coronation of Rahul Gandhi as the new party President by December 19, soon after Gujarat elections get over and subsequently held a press conference attacking the Central Government of trying to sabotage the temple of democracy, the Parliament by delaying the Winter session which was to be held in November. 

The same charge was reiterated by Congress Leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad today when in a fresh press conference he levied similar charges against the Central Government, accusing the PMO of dictating terms to the Parliamentary affairs ministry, which he claims has no knowledge of when the winter session will be announced since the decision is being made by the Prime Minister. 

"We all know that the ruling party at the Centre has issues working within the democratic setup. therefore they are doing everything possible to delay Parliament session where they know the opposition will demand answers from the Government."

He further accused the Government of failing to create 10 crore jobs as promised in its poll manifesto and refusing to "share its formula of creating jobs" which the minister thought should be shared with everyone.

Azaad further probed the Government over the issue of the Rafael deal which he claimed are "questionable in nature" despite the defence minister earlier clarifying all questions in a press conference. 

The attack on the Government though did not take the light away from the recent setback faced by Congress in Gujarat where another of its veteran leader, Babu Meghji Shah has quit the party for being denied a ticket from Kutch area.