Tata Starts Testing Autonomous Hexa In UK

Originally Published On Auto X |

Tata’s European technical centre -TMETC, along with Jaguar Land Rover - has collaborated with UK Autodrive, a government backed project in the UK for testing self-driving vehicles. Tata and JLR are joined by Ford in this initiative.

TMETC is putting the autonomous Hexa through its paces on the streets of Coventry. The autonomous Hexa is joined by the Jaguar F-Pace, Range Rover Sport and Ford Mondeo.  The research team plans to test public reaction to such vehicles in the Coventry area, and then move to Milton Keynes by the end of 2018.

TMETC and JLR are using specially made GPS connected vehicles that are capable of self-driving. Meanwhile, Ford has already been testing its autonomous tech back in the US for quite some time, and is now planning to extend its research on UK roads as well.

Tata Motors and JLR are also conducting technology trials separately. The autonomous cars being tested are equipped with features like Emergency Vehicle Warning, Intersection Collision Warning, In-Vehicle Signage, Electronic Emergency Brake Light, Intersection Priority Management, and Collaborative Parking system. Since these are test vehicles, they have operators present in them to take over in case of a malfunction in the autonomous system.

Tata’s TMETC has previously also tested an autonomous version of the Tiago in the UK, and has showcased an EV version of the Bolt in 2016 as well.