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Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case: #SunandaForensicMail Shows How An Attempt Was Made To Influence Government

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Republic TV has exclusively accessed the #SunandaForensicMail, an email that shows how an attempt was made to influence the investigation in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case.

As per this latest investigation, on 19th October-- 9 days after Shashi Tharoor allegedly writes to his “friend” Rajan Rao regarding relaying medical information to a certain “HM”-- another “friend” of Shashi Tharoor writes to him.  

This email is then allegedly forwarded by Shashi Tharoor on 20th October, 2014 to Rajan Rao. The subject of this email is: “Fwd: Letter that was SENT TODAY to Health Minister, Dr. Harsha Vardhan by Padma Bhushan, Professor Dr. Chandra Sekharan” .  

C Raj Kumar is presently a Delhi-based Vice Chancellor of Jindal University.

The email has an attachment to a private medical opinion which tries to deride the AIIMS conclusion of death by poisoning.

In the mail, the present Jindal University Vice-Chancellor C Raj Kumar encloses a private forensic opinion which had been arranged in the Sunanda case. In a stunning turn of events, Raj Kumar discloses that the private forensic opinion was sent to Union Health Minister Harsha Vardhan on 19th October 2014. He also claims that a top news agency of India was given an advance copy of the private medical opinion running down AIIMS’ conclusions.

Following is the letter sent from C Raj Kumar Rao to Shashi Tharoor:  

DATE: 19 October 2014

From: C. Raj Kumar to Shashi Tharoor 

"Letter that was SENT TODAY to Health Minister,
Dr Harsha Vardhan by Padma Bhushan, Professor Dr Chandra Sekharan"

"The enclosed independent opinion of Padma Bhushan, Professor Dr. Chandra Sekharan, a distinguished Forensic Scientist was sent to the Union Minister of Health,
Dr Harsha Varshan directly by him this evening to his email address. Professor Chandra Sekharan also sent a copy of the enclosed opinion to XXXXXX Chief Legal Correspondent of (news agency) for his reference. (News Agency) is expected to publish a story on this matter before 12 noon tomorrow.

I suggest that this letter may not be released to anybody till (News Agency) publishes its story by 12 noon tomorrow.

Thanks and best regards


Republic asks:  If Shashi Tharoor trusts the agencies to probe into Sunanda's murder, on what basis did he become a party to an attempt to influence the probe? 

Watch the complete #SunandaForensicMail newsbreak in the video above