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WATCH: 26/11 Mumbai Attacks Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam Confronts Hafiz Saeed's Lawyer

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In a deplorable turn of events in Pakistan, the Review Board set up by the Lahore High Court has dismissed the case against 26/11 terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, implying that he will soon be set free by the court without any restriction of a house arrest as well. 

Post the verdict Republic TV got in touch with Hafiz Saeed's lawyer AK Dogar and confronted him with questions regarding a 'possible covert plan of action between the Pakistani Government and the Judicial system' where the whole trial was staged only for the interests of Western powers. 

AK Dogar claimed that the trail was very transparent and the reason his client was let off was for lack of evidence and nothing else. ' There was nothing in the evidence to prove that Hafiz is a threat to Pakistani internal security." 

The lawyer was later cross-questioned by India's chief Public Prosecutor in the 26/11 Mumbai attack, Ujjwal Nikam, who asked the lawyer as to why was the evidence given by India post the deadly attacks wasn't presented at the courts?'

Nikam asked:

" We had submitted two testimonies implicating Haifz Saeed directly to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The first one was given by David Headley now in FBI custody wherein he pointed a finger at Saeed and the other testimony was given by Ajmal Kasab where he explained the role Saeed played in radicalising youngsters and training them in his terror camps operating along the LoC near the PoK area." 

"Why were these testimonies not presented? There was enough proof to land the culprit behind bars but it seems that it was all conveniently forgotten."

WATCH the entire confrontation in the video above.

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