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Dalai Lama Expresses Hope In Future Of Indo China Relations



  • Dalai Lama expresses hope in future of Indo China relations
  • Says mutual cooperation is the key to a successful future for the two nations
  • Rejects idea of a full-scale war between the two countries says, "physically impossible for them to completely destroy each other" 

Speaking at a gathering at Indian Chamber of Commerce today, His Holiness the Dalai Lama commented on the strategic importance of India and China working together in favour of stability across the region. 

The Dalai Lama said at the event,

" India and China are two very big nations, small skirmishes are bound to take place that is ok but big wars... no... I hope not. They need to find a way to work together on issues and resolving them."

The Dalai Lama in an indirect reference to the recent Dhoklam crisis also stated that " mutual cooperation is beneficial for the two countries as it's physically impossible for them to completely defeat each other. They are neighbours after all and have to live next to each other."

Expressing hope in the changed stance of China of the 21st Century, his holiness commented that,

"This is not the China of the era of Cultural Revolution. They are now a part of the international economy and have to analyse several factors before reacting. It would, therefore, be fruitful if India and China work together on all matters of conflict and benefit.