Manushi Chillar's Transformation Video Has Gone VIRAL!

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  • Manushi Chillar brought the Miss World crown back to India after 17 years. 
  • It took the 20-year-old a lot of hard work to accomplish this Herculean task.
  • A video from Manushi’s MBBS days has gone viral where she talks about how she managed her education and training at the same time.

 An old video from Manushi's MBBS days, surfaced when she was crowned Miss World. It shows her dedication and the transformation of Manushi.

Manushi Chillar was crowned Miss World a few days ago. It took 17 years for this title to come back to India. And when this beauty from Haryana accomplished this task of competing against women from all around the world, it was a proud moment for every Indian.

Her honesty, dedication and her answer to the finale question made her win the title.

However, it took much more than that; Manushi has been training very hard.


But she’s a true Miss World with beauty and brains! She has not forgotten her work and her dream to give good healthcare to the people of India!

This video from Manushi’s MBBS days has gone viral where she talks about her education and how she managed work and education at the same time. Her Motto is “work smart & you don’t have to work hard” And with this, she has made the Nation proud!

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