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Virat Kohli Stresses On The Importance Of Spacing Out Series

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  • Virat Kohli stresses on the necessity of spacing out series
  • He said that a cramped up schedule hampers preparation
  • India will play the second Test against Sri Lanka in Nagpur 

The skipper once again spoke in a roundabout manner on the cramped schedule, which hampers preparation.

Team India has been playing non stop cricket over the past few months and the Indian skipper has neither been given rest by the selectors nor he has asked for it. Though Kohli has not asked for rest but the schedule is so cramped up that the players are not getting enough time to recover.

While briefing the media ahead of India’s second Test at Nagpur, Kohli gave a direct answer on being asked about the need for bouncy tracks: "Yes (I had), because unfortunately, we get only two days before we fly to South Africa after this series gets over. So we have no choice but try to be in a game situation and think of what's coming ahead of us.

"Had we got a month off ideally, we would have done a proper preparation in a camp sort of scenario but we have to sort of make do with what we have."

Kohli stressed on the necessity to space out series as at times the team needs to do its preparation differently for a bigger series.

"As usual cramped for time, which I think we needed to assess in future as well because we very easily assess the team when go abroad but we don't look at how many days we have got to prepare before we go to a particular place to play," the skipper said ahead of the second Test against Sri Lanka, starting tomorrow.