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Prakash Raj Sends Legal Notice To Mysuru MP For Trolling Him

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  • Prakash Raj sent a legal notice to BJP MP Pratap Simha.
  • Raj said the MP has trolled him.
  • Raj said that if the MP doesn't answer legally, he will sue him.

Prakash Raj sent a legal notice to BJP MP Pratap Simha on Thursday for his derogatory personal remarks against Raj over his comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor said that the MP has trolled him which has disturbed his personal life.


“I have sent a legal notice to Mr Pratap Simha  as a citizen of this country for the way he has trolled me which has disturbed my personal life.”


“I am asking him to answer legally and if he doesn't, I will be taking criminal action against him,”said Prakash Raj


He further said,  

“ You can’t instigate and troll me and can’t make your followers troll me.”


Prakash, while attending an event in Bengaluru on October 3, had said, "Gauri Lankesh's killers have not been caught yet. But what is more disappointing is people celebrating her murder over the social media and spreading hatred. Some of these people who celebrated her (Gauri's) murder are followed by our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) on Twitter. We have a PM, who shuts his eyes to this."

In response to the actor's comment, the BJP MP said that Prakash Rai was making such comments because Gauri was his friend and asked where he was when more than 12 members of pro-Hindu organisations were brutally killed.

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