Romantic Resort Rendezvous

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Nestled in the hills {literally}, on the bend of a gushing river, Rivulet Resort is just outside Munnar. Choose to just do nothing or go climbing, they’ve got options for both.

Pretty As A Picture

Photo source: Rivulet

Twenty acres of a hillside just outside Munnar, looks different. It’s hidden under a canopy of trees, but green roofs peek out from under that, and low and behold, as you wind your way around the bends of trees, flowers and cobbled paths, you’ll arrive at Rivulet. Not convinced by the pictures {because it look too good to be true}, I was pleasantly surprised by the resort.

Malabar Monsoon

Photo source: Rivulet

Pick from the suites — premium or royal, or deluxe rooms, each with their own plus points. My recommendation is that you pick the suites although they are a wee bit more expensive than the rooms. Why? Because you get to fall asleep to the gushing of the river, and wake up to the sunbeams dancing on the water. With a balcony overlooking the mountains and the river for a view, it’s such bliss. You’ll want to get up early and head off on a trek or a less strenuous nature walk.

For those you are more into cups of coffee or tea, just looking into the distance, go out onto the balcony, and you’ll feel like you’re above the clouds and the river itself. Rather romantic too, I love that they’ve got a set up for two outside. Just order room service and have a cosy date, right in your bedroom.

Into The Wild

Photo source: Rivulet

The entire resort is terraced, so expect to walk a fair bit from your room, to the reception, car park and of course, for meals. But it’s a real treat to wander around on the cobbled paths that meander on the hillside, across other cottages, flower beds, passing avocados, peaches, plums, oranges, apples, mangosteen and jackfruit trees. Especially through misty morning, and cloudy afternoons — a walk in the clouds for real! Go here during the monsoons, just for the enchanted atmosphere.

Skipping along towards it, I even found a very Enid Blyton-esque log bridge to cross to get to the other side of the hill. This place is stellar for the adventurous. Just make sure to pack them gumboots and hoodies, because it’s almost always rainy in Munnar. Oh, and birdwatchers, this place is paradise — from the Malabar Whistling Thrush and the Yellow browed Bulbul to the Scarlet Minivet and the Rufous Babbler. If you want to ride the rapids, hop onto a bamboo raft and bob down stream. Careful during monsoon as the river will be in full swing then.