Butterly Delicious: Goila's Butter Chicken Is Coming To Bandra This Month!

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Ten-Second Takeaway


Back in June, 2016 we were introduced to Chef Saransh Goila’s amazing butter chicken in Andheri West. And now almost a year later, the famous Goila’s Butter Chicken is all set to feed the North-Indian cuisine-loving people of Bandra by launching on June 19.

Really good butter chicken aka the staple dish of the Punjabis and the pride of Delhi is hard to come by in Mumbai. This was until Delhi boy Saransh Goila unleashed his deliciousness upon us mere mortals. With its delivery-cum-pick-up kitchen in Indira Nagar, Goila is ready to set shop in Bandra with delivery to Khar and Santacruz made possible now.

Goila tells us the decision to come to Bandra was inevitable. With Bandra’s late-night partying culture and post-10pm munchies, there has always been a large crowd of these folks demanding his butter chicken {butter paneer for the herbivores} as many often sent their drivers to Andheri West, or drove down themselves to pick it up. No more driving down, as the Bandra outlet will take orders for home-delivery.

Though the compact menu will remain the same as before, a few new dishes will be introduced to add to its diversity. Keeping the sanctity of the butter chicken intact, a new Ludhiana chicken has been incorporated for the carnivores to gorge on. The creaminess and texture, with its yellow gravy lending itself the subtle flavours of every other Goila signature dish.

Not just this, Goila has also taken inspiration from his travels across the country. Picking up bits and pieces of all the new food he encountered, a new concept called naan bombs had been birthed. Think of naan bombs like literal naan rolled into balls except they will be stuffed with tandoori chicken or cheese and mushrooms for the vegetarians {we’re all alright too}. Additionally, Goila tells us Thandai macaroons will become a permanent fixture on the menu as well which has been done in collaboration with Chef Sanjana of the La Folie fame. Excited much? We thought so too.

So, We're Saying...

With Goila’s Butter Chicken opening on June 19 in Bandra, we are already prepping ourselves up in anticipation. The kitchen will be set up in Chium village as a cloud kitchen for home-delivery. Forks up, Bandra Folks.

This article was originally published on LBB authored by Jyoti Bhola