This Group Is Throwing House Parties With Comedians In Pune, & You're Invited

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What Is It?

BeatMap is a venture by the performing arts collective group, Kommune, which organises house parties in Mumbai for people to meet, socialise and tell stories. They’re now here in Pune and are bringing us one hell of a party with a twist.

Who Is It For?

Beatmap is coming to Pune and changing how parties happen! They bring their first ever house party in Pune on the 18th of June. Apart from meeting a bunch of interesting individuals from your very own city, we’re sure Kautuk Srivastava from SnG Comedy who will be performing that evening, will have you in splits with his one hour special, ’The Anatomy of Awkward’.

If you like spending time getting to know people, respect good humour, love nights full of music, food and the likes, hell, if you have a liking for all the good things in life, you NEED to be here!

Anything Else?

When: 7pm to 9pm, June 18

Entry: INR 500

Sign up here


You can carry your munchies, beverages or even reach out to them to host the party at your place. So all you need to do is sign up for the limited seats and then wait for a confirmation from them.

This article was originally published on LBB authored by Shivangi Kumar