Butter Chicken, Aam Panna And A 67-Year-Old Legacy: This Restaurant Is Punjab All The Way

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Ten-Second Takeaway

An authentic Punjabi restaurant, with a history of close to 67 years, Pindi is all kinds of awesome when it comes to traditional flavours but with the modern edge in decor.

What Is It?

This isn’t just any old restaurant. This one has it roots in Rawalpindi, when Kasturi Lal left it for Delhi, and started selling home-cooked food near India Gate. And now, 67 years and three generations later, it’s found it’s way to namma Bengaluru, bringing with it wholesome Pindi flavours.

Who Is It For?

Perfect for families, friends and even for a cosy date, the place has a modern feel to it, though the food is very authentic. So really, it’s ideal for anyone looking for quintessential Punjabi food.

What Is The Ambience Like?

The place has a dimly lit rooftop, with hanging flower pots adorning the walls, that is perfect for a date. Especially when it’s breezy. Inside, there’s a larger space that is air conditioned, has a mini bar, and has cool graffiti which highlights the specialties of Delhi. Plus, miniatures of trucks, alcohol bottles and birds.

Drinks Menu

We started with ginger lemonade, with the strong ginger flavor and the subtle mint flavor the drink was so refreshing. We also tried a couple of mocktails including aam panna, guava based mocktail and a watermelon based mocktail — everything gets a perfect score.

Start With..

Paneer Kurkure one of my personal favorite, soft chunks of paneer dipped in an in house made special chutney and then coated with papad! Bhatti ka Murgh has an amazing masala flavor in every bite without overpowering the original meat taste. A must try for chicken lovers. Hariyali Sheekh Kebab, Bharwan Chutney wale Aloo, Kashmiri kebab and Mutton Galauti Kebab are couple of other starters we tried.

Must Eat

Murgh Makhani aka Butter Chicken. This is the very dish with which the restaurant was started with! I must say one of the best I have ever had and of course the recipe is their best kept secret. Pindi Channa, another signature dish, was well presented. The channa was well cooked and perfectly blended with the masala. Dal Makhani, laden with desi ghee the dish looked amazing, but I can only say it wasn’t as impressive as it looked. Kadai Paneer, huge chunks of paneer all well-cooked, had absorbed all the flavors from the gravy well. The main course was served with assorted bread and Hara Daniya Mutter Pulao. End with Gulab Jamun.

More About The Experience

One notable thing about the food is that they prepare every chutney and masala in house. All the ingredients is brought all the way from Delhi, including fresh paneer, all to retain the authenticity. When it comes to hospitality the staff are all well trained, serves with affection and care.

This article was originally published on LBB authored by Sumedha Govindaraya