Are You In A Relationship With The Oven? You Need This New Baking School To Hone Your Skills

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Have you always been the official cake/dessert supplier for all of the birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions in your family? Well, you’re probably already baking up a storm but you know what, there’s always scope for improvement. This is where Truffle Nation, a thoroughbred baking school, comes in. It takes you from an amateur to a baking pro in no time.

Truffle Nation takes you through all the baking basics so your foundation is super strong. While it boasts of authentic, never-before learning sessions in the city, rest assured that they have some unique and simplified courses to offer as well. So no proficiency level is ignored in the learning process.

What else is cool here? If you’re baking all by yourself at home, you can ask them any question you like through their Q & A student forum and they’ll get back to you pronto. Distance learning’s the way to go, people.

They offer varied courses depending on what you want to excel in. There’s a beginner’s course that offers a generic introduction to baking. You can learn how to make some delish vanilla cupcakes or a chocolate ganache or maybe even a chocolate pudding, for a fabulous Christmas dinner.

Other than this, they have an advance level course, chocolate making lessons, professional cake making, a cookie baking course and a bread baking one too. Talk about learning how to bake everything under the sun!

Each course has a different fee structure. To know more about enrollment and costs, go here.

So We're Saying...

It’s always fun to learn something new and with the temperatures rising outside, it’s wise to stick to the comfort of your home. So go on and perhaps we’ll see you at a bake sale sometime?