Entranced By Destinations Shown In Tubelight’s Trailer? Here’s How You Can Visit Them All Like Bhai

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Travel like "Bhai", without a care in the world.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled upon Tubelight's movie trailer on television, and I haven't stopped thinking about it. No, the reason is not Salman Khan or the apparent plot; instead it's the sublime locations showcased in it! It looks like a poetry in motion with the destinations seemingly portraying the all-encompassing character that weaves the entire movie plot together. I immediately wanted to pack my bags and go on a vacation to all these places.

And just like a prayer gets answered, I found out that the good guys at Cox & Kings have curated a list of six epic tour packages strategically covering the most gorgeous destinations Tubelight was shot at. If you were also mesmerised by the unfathomable beauty of the surroundings shown in the movie's trailer, then you need to check out these customised Tubelight packages right away! If you're still not sold, read on further.

Alright, tell me more!

Credits: SKF on YouTube
Credits: SKF on YouTube
Credits: SKF on YouTube
Credits: SKF on YouTube
Credits: SKF on YouTube
Credits: SKF on YouTube

This is not just travelling to exotic locales, this is travelling like a pro; or in this case, travelling like Salman 'Tubelight' Khan! While the movie is touted to be the next record-breaker in Bollywood, a Tubelight vacation is expected to do similar wonders to your life. As displayed in the screenshots above, the movie was shot at some of the most stunning parts of our country, such as Ladakh, Manali, Shimla, Amritsar, and others. Imagine actually visiting these destinations and spending the last bit of our summers here! Sigh. Don't have time to plan the trips? Well, fret not and read on.

Tubelight packages - Cost & inclusions

Amritsar – God's abode. Credits: Arian Zwegers
Chandigarh – The city beautiful. Credits: Yen-Chi Chan
Manali – The queen of hills. Credits: Pavan

So what do the 'Tubelight' packages include? Besides the usual accommodations and meals, these specialised packages will also include extensive sightseeing, so you may soak in the beauty and culture of the visited destination. A point-to-point vehicle will be provided to you for the same. The package cost also includes travel insurance, so whatever happens, your money is safe.

Let us check out the six packages and their costs now:

1. 5D/4N in Manali – Rs. 17,099 per person

2. 7D/6N in Ladakh – Rs. 29,999 per person

3. 9D/8N in Himachal Pradesh – Rs. 32,999 per person

4. 10D/9D in Himachal with Amritsar – Rs. 36,499 per person

5. 6D/5N in Manali with Chandigarh – Rs. 20,799 per person

6. 8D/7N in Shimla and Manali – Rs. 26,599 per person

From how I see it, the above-packages are ideal for couples, families with kids, and of course Salman Khan fans! Cox & Kings is universally regarded as a reliable tour operator, hence you can put all your apprehensions to rest, whether they are regarding how well will my trip be managed or am I getting value for money out of this. All you need to do is book one of those packages and go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Any other benefit?

Image only meant for representational purposes. Credits: Adventure Jay

Time for a bonus announcement! Cox & Kings is also currently running a contest that enables you to stand a chance to meet superstar Salman Khan himself. All you need to do is to click a selfie at your favourite destination from the 'Tubelight' movie and upload the picture on Facebook using the hashtag #BharatDekoTubelight. I told you that this will get you excited! Now hurry up, for the movie releases on June 23.

If interested, you can book a Tubelight package right away!

Written in association with Cox & Kings.