Whiskey Or Kingfisher? This New Pondy Gelato Parlour In Indiranagar Is A Scoop Of Heaven

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Coming to Bangalore from Pondicherry, GMT {Gelato Montecatini Terme} Ice Cream, a gelato parlour, has it’s heart in the little town of Montecatini in Italy.

Let me be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of dessert. But when you say there’s whiskey in my gelato or Kingfisher in my artisan ice cream, then I’m all ears! In GMT Ice Cream’s case though, there’s much more that is winning than just alcoholic gelato. Started by four Italians, it first started in Pondicherry three years ago. And now, hello Bangalore. Set on the quiet 6th Main, off 100 Feet Road, in Indiranagar, this pretty outlet strangely has ICE CREAM written on the entrance. Apparently, because when the uninitiated read gelato, they instantly think gelatin. What a tragedy that gelato needs to be masked. 

Anyhow, we trooped into the bright space and with no hesitation, started tasting what they had on offer. While the Kingfisher Beer gelato was very tasty, it was a bit too sweet. But hey, if you like beer, you’ll love this. Then, the Blackberry tasters turned into full scoops as we were in love with the tart, citrusy and fresh flavours. It was like eating iced, crushed berries straight out of the cup. Yum. Then came watermelon, that was practically like biting into a cold slice of the fruit itself. But oh, the new favourite has got to be Italian Gianduja — a chocolate and hazelnut confection that’s typical to Piedmont. Not like a creamy gelato we’re used to, it was nutty, and the texture was more granular — almost as if we were tucking into hazelnut paste.

Like your Irish Cream a bit too much? Yeah, well me too. So hurrah for the rather boozy Irish Cream gelato which is smooth, creamy and loaded with whiskey. It’s like having your favourite liqueur in a cup. The Dark Chocolate keeps it real, classic and a wee bit bitter. No fake sugar or sweetener here, thankfully. If you’re looking for fruity versions, they’ve got mango, coconut and blueberry among others. I can’t wait to try the Himalayan Salted Caramel, Chilli Chocolate or even the tiramisu and Amaretto {an almond liqeuer} which is expected soon.

What makes this place even more fun is that it’s decorated like an Italian cafe would be — white, woody and minimalist. It has wrought iron tables on one side, sofas on the other, and a charming chain swing in the centre — a hint of Tuscany in Bangalore. Even the sofas have cushions with the Vespa, Italian monuments and village scenes. They also serve coffee and ice creams, but we were too distracted to try. Maybe next time.

This story was originally published on LBB authored by Aakanksha Singh Devi