A Gorgeous Rooftop & Cheap Booze: Plan A Sunset Date At This Punjabi Bagh Cafe

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Old World’s Charm is on the Punjabi Bagh Club Road {where all the action is} and we admit that it might not be the newest place in town to chill, but it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a breezy, boozy night with bae. 

Everyone Goes Home Happy {And Tipsy}

Sometimes in life, fate throws you a vegetarian partner or one who doesn’t like alcohol. This restaurant is perfect for those odd pairs that get along like a house on fire because it doesn’t only cater to the sober half with freakshakes and virgin mojitos but also keeps the booze-loving half on its side with liquor on theka rates {this applies if you order food though}.

The menu’s got a mish-mash of Italian, Indian and typical cafe fare. So go safely expecting everything between kebabs and chilli chicken and spring rolls to satay. So even if your partner’s been a fussy eater all his/her life, they’re likely to warm up to something here. Team panini or team paneer? They love them all.

If we were to suggest though, we’d tell you to go with the safe bets on your first visit. Think on the lines of dahi ke sholay or soya chaap and daal makhani. If you’re bored of Indian, Alfredo Pasta and pizzas won’t hurt either. 

The occasional live gigs keep things lively if you’re going on that Tinder date and don’t want to feel bogged down by awkward pauses in the conversation. And, when the waffles and LIITs start to kick in, feel free to hit the dance floor.

All said and done, we think cheap booze has always been our favourite. This is exactly what endears us to Old World’s Charm even more – if you order two or three starters, you can score Old Monk at INR 40 plus taxes and beer at INR 89 plus taxes.

Now, down with the only bummer: The washroom isn’t a pleasant place to be but we’re hoping they are taking feedback and working on making things better around there. Please say yes.