This Versova Shop Doubles Up As A Cafe So You Can Eat And Shop At The Same Time

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Ten-Second Takeaway

One Point Six is a concept boutique that has opened up in Versova which also doubles up as a cute little cafe promoting sustainable fashion and ingredients.

One Point Six is a unique cafe cum boutique started off by friends turned partners and founders, Shinjani Raval and Arpita. The idea behind the space is to mix up the joy of shopping and eating, and so we found a long community tables in the middle of the boutique.

The clothes have been designed by Shinjani, who describes herself as a self-taught designer. Having graduated from the FTII in Pune, she tells us she had been showcasing her clothes and label via pop-ups around the city. Finally, with this boutique comes stability for her brand.

Her fashion, in that sense, is very sustainable and exudes easy wear. There’s handmade block prints, summer colours perfect for the year-round Mumbai weather. We found gorgeous, flowy dresses and shirt dresses. They also have accessories {all handmade by rural artisans} and bags made from the leftover fabric encouraging no wastage. The cafe takes on a similar concept and has disposable and sustainable cutlery – their way of being true to the environment.

The concept in itself is so unique and intriguing. A cafe doubling up as a boutique where you’ll often find the owners interacting with the customers – it’s all too cosy and familiar.

The cafe’s kitchen opens up around 11am and everything is made in-house by their chefs including baking their own multi-grain bread. The menu is pretty simple and boasts of quick cafe food – with fresh salads, sandwiches and coffee brews. Just sit down there and enjoy a cuppa whilst listening to the music blasting off their vintage radio recorder. In fact, what we especially liked is that the label and the cafe food are both pretty affordable.

The dresses start at INR 1,600 upwards for the kind of work that goes into it. We’ve been told that soon ikat prints will be included in the collection as well.

So, We're Saying...

One Point Six is a lovely place to spend your afternoons at – take a book and gorge on their fresh food. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, shop along and come back at the table for a cuppa.