In Love With The Shape Of You: This New Kemps Corner Eatery Makes Pizza In A Cone

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Ten-Second Takeaway

We tried out the pizza cone by Coney Island, and can’t stop singing ‘we’re in love with the shape of you’. Read on to know what we’re raving about.

Hell Yes

We never say to experiments, and if you give us pizza any which way, especially a cone, we will happily try it. Coney Island, the first pizza cone makers in Mumbai recently opened up a takeaway outlet in Kemps Corner {and a delivery kitchen in Khar} and we tried it out.

We ordered a few boxes of different flavours – chicken olivia, chicken tikka, meat lovers, coney pepperoni, Popeye’s secret and sriracha paneer. A pizza in a cone is basically a pizza giving itself a hug, with the tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings on the inside. The pizzas have a great, delicious flavor, the cheese used is a mix of cheddar and buffalo mozzarella, and the toppings are generously filled.

Coney Island was started by Bharat Advani, who got inspired and learned the concept on a trip in Italy. Since then he started doing pop-ups at different exhibitions across the city, and started a delivery only kitchen in Khar, and a small kiosk at Kemp’s Corner.

So, We're Saying...

We have no qualms about pizza cones no more. The ones by Coney Island are delicious and the delivery is on point too. We think you should visit the Kemps Corner outlet, or call ‘em in for your next house party. Thoughts?