Breaking News: This Members-Only Restaurant In Delhi Is Now Open To The Public

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Ten-Second Takeaway

A Ta Maison, the members-only restaurant of the PCO group has recently opened its doors to everyone in Delhi. And with this move, they’ve also revamped the menu. Expect falling-off-the-bones meat, fresh summery salads and a dollop of beetroot in everything.

Pretty Plates For Pretty Dates

Everything about ATM screams pretty, from the dining floor and bistro area to the swanky bar to the terrace which houses the sun room and the salon. And the food is no exception.

On our most recent visit here, we treated our tummies {and our eyes} to a mountain of fancy food. Starting with the Chorizo Baos and Quinoa and Glazed Mango with Rocket salad {this is as tasty as it is healthy, unless you don’t like quinoa}, it was an indulgence in every way. Our favourites however made their way to us later. A tangy Apple and Beer-Braised Pork Belly {the meat was oh-so-soft} and Confit Duck Leg. You’ve gotta just close your eyes and wonder if you’re in a fancy French restaurant on the banks of the Seine.

The surprise was, being hardcore carnivores, we still enjoyed the Handcut Tagliatelle with porcini and morrels {mushrooms} equally, if not more. The power of fresh pasta!

We're Bananas About This Place

We’re not going to mince words {only meat, for us}, ATM is not cheap but given what you get {pork belly for INR 900, crepes for INR 500 – for non-members}, the overall service and the stunning ambience, we think it’s worth that splurge. Looking to impress your date? You’ve found the place.

Don’t forget to end with a Banoffee Pie {served in a wine glass, ask for two spoons so you can share the sweet goodness} and wash it all down with one of their well-blended cocktails. The vodka-based litchi Girvan Smash is our pick for the season.