Picture courtesy: PTI
Picture courtesy: PTI

Rahman 'tamil' Concert Irks A Few

Malini Chatterji |

Before you start reading this, you must know that you are in for a major shock. Are You Ready? 

Well, some of you must be knowing that AR Rahman held a concert recently in Wembley, London. Even as fans thronged the concert to watch the Mozart of Madras in action, to everybody's surprise, a section of the audience decided to stage a walkout.

Considering that Rahman is an Oscar-winning composer and has entertained people of all walks of life across the globe, the incident has come as a shocker.


Here's why.

Some fans have said that they were disappointed that Rahman had sung "mostly Tamil songs" which didn't go well with the Hindi-speaking audiences. This is not all. The disappointed Hindi-speaking audiences are now reportedly 'demanding' a refund because they were made to sit through 'Tamil songs' that they could not 'understand'.

In Rahman's defence, you should know that the concert was named as 'Netru Indru, Naalai' (the name makes it obvious right?). But the audience who walked out also have a counter arguement to this, they said that that they were 'cheated' by the 'false advertising' and only 1 per cent of the songs Rahman sung in the concert was in Hindi. (confused which side to take, yes we are too).

Twitteratis jumped in and erupted in support of and against the concert.