Broke & Fixing It: This Colaba Bar Serves Alcohol & Food Every Evening For INR 92

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What Is It?

Hey there! Push those midweek blues into a corner because we’ve got a really good offer for you. At Havana Café & Bar, every day between the evening hours of 6pm–8pm, there’s a menu which has everything on it for INR 92. No kidding.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who’s looking for a good deal, so that’s all of us, right?

Why Should I Go?

That’s 50 dishes and drinks only for INR 92. Who says you’ve got to be broke at the end of each month? This special menu with 50 items, including chilli sausages, mini pizzas and more are just perfect for when the hunger kicks in post work. It also has alcohol options, be it an old fashioned, whiskey sour, hard liquor such as Old Monk, Royal Challenge, Bacardi, Kingfisher premium, and even shots such as the kamikaze.

Anything Else?

The offer is on indefinitely, so pick any day and head over there {but soon}.