Daimler Recalls Over 3 Million Mercedes Diesel Cars

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Mercedes-Benz owners in Europe will be severely affected due to this massive recall.

Volkswagen’s infamous ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has been haunting a majority of European automakers. Speculations of the western authorities that VW might not be only one falsely manipulating its emissions has proved to be a nightmare for European car companies – whose significant chunk of income comes from diesel engined car sales.

Daimler – the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has also been under immense heat due to speculations of it following Volkswagen’s footsteps when it comes to diesel engine emissions. The company is facing various investigations both in Europe and North America over its alleged diesel emissions fraud. The company hasn’t even been spared in its homeland – Germany, where media reports are pointing towards the company to be a culprit.

The German company has recalled over three million diesel cars across Europe, which will cost it about 22 million euros. Owners of almost every Mercedes diesel vehicle over past six years will have to return their cars to Mercedes for this fix. The company will perform a software update, which the company claims will bring emissions under control to some extent.

The company is playing smart here by self volunteering this recall, to avoid possibly having to bear Volkswagen’s fate – who had to pay USD 22 billion in settlements and fines in the US alone after its defeat devices were discovered. While Daimler’s recall is limited only to Europe for the time being, it might be extended elsewhere very soon.

Diesel cars have come under massive scrutiny in the west, and environmentalists have been constantly demanding for diesel scrappage schemes, citywide bans and toxin taxes to be introduced to discourage diesel sales.