Arnab, Chitra Subramaniam Ask 14 Questions To Rahul Gandhi On Bofors Case

Team Republic |

Merely a day after Republic TV exposed revelations in the Bofors case, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was forced to react on the issue. A cornered Rahul Gandhi remained defiant and said: “They have been raising it for thirty years, let them raise it for another 30 years.”

The issue also echoed in the Parliament on Monday. Chants of ‘Bofors’ were heard as soon as the House convened for the day.

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi raised the issue of the Bofors scandal, demanding the opening of the 'boxes'. She said the 'ghost of Bofors' will continue to haunt Parliament.  

Republic TV editor-in-chief and veteran journalist Chitra Subramaniam, the person who broke the scandal, ask 14 questions to Rahul on his comments:

When he says that “They have been going on for 30 years on Bofors” who is the “they” he is referring to?

By “they” does he mean the people of India? In that case, isn’t his statement very arrogant?

Did Bofors pay his family friend Ottavio Quattarochi a huge sum in payoffs?

Which politician was Quattarochi fronting for? Is this linked to the Congress govt decisions to defreeze his assets?

Did the Congress government let Gandhi family friend Quattarochi flee India in 1993? Was this accidental, Rahul?

Why did Martin Ardbo tell Sten Lindstrom that Rajiv Gandhi was back-funelling illegal payments to Sweden?

Did the Rajiv Gandhi government demand and get a clean chit for the Gandhi family in a secret meeting in September 1987?

Why did the Rajiv Gandhi government extract a clean chit for the Gandhi family (including Sonia Gandhi) in September 1987?

Why did Bofors threaten the Rajiv Gandhi government in a secret meeting in September 1987?

Why did Bofors on record admit that there was a secret commitment between Rajiv and Palme in September 1987?

Did the Rajiv Gandhi government conspire with Bofors to withhold information from parliament in a secret meeting?

Why did the Rajiv Gandhi government leak a copy of the terms of reference of the Parliament JPC on Bofors to parliament?

Did Rajiv Gandhi inform India that he knew that Quattarochi was paid 50 million kroners in early 1986?

In the light of the fresh evidence and damning revelations, do you agree the Bofors boxes should now be opened?