There’s A Treasure Hunt In North Campus & Winner Gets 4 Months’ Supply Of Domino’s Pizza!

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What Is It?

Get your Sherlock mode on. MYOLO is organising a very Dilli version of The Amazing Race where teams will sit their excited selves on tuk tuks and go from one spot to another to finish fun tasks. Delhi University pros, this is your chance at an offbeat activity that ends with lots of pizza! What’s to hate here?

Who Is It For?

Everyone who claims to know every nook and cranny around the North Campus area. If friends call you to reach that mysterious chaatwaala or that bookseller with the strangest collection, you’re a good contender. Also, you need to be game to take on harmless tasks and it could be something as simple as breaking into a jig in the middle of the road to something more adventurous… We don’t know just yet.

There might be a combination of walking and tuk tuk rides involved in the process so you might be better off without friends who’d rather laze around in bed. Of course, if you’re a dare-devil or have a squad mate who’s always up for challenges, even better.

Why Should I Go For It?

We’re told there’s great food waiting at the end of the tunnel. Plus, it’s a good way to meet like-minded folks from other colleges and put your collective minds on accomplishing tasks.

Sadly, not everyone will get Domino’s but top performers are up for movie tickets for the team and/or an exclusive pass to MYOLO’s next event. Either way, there’s nothing to lose.

Anything Else?

They have up to 50 slots and are looking at roughly 15 teams.

Follow the updates on Facebook here and buy your ticket {it costs INR 299}.

When: August 12

Where: North Campus

Timings: Noon onwards