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Stay At These 9 Uber-Cool Holiday Homes When You Want To 'Netflix And Chill'

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So, Netflix and chill is your thing? Well, I do understand the allure of "connecting" to the person you fancy over a Netflix series you both love. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home, while you marvel at scenes set in the most stunning nooks of the globe. It is so easy to forget real life when reel life is so good. But once in a while, we can try to make our lives even more beautiful than scripted in those shows we are addicted to. So, if you have been thinking on those lines and are planning to break the post 9 to 6 corporate national routine, try taking your partner out of the city on a weekend or just take that much-needed vacation now.

Also, we all know that the couple who travels together, stays together.

Here is a curated list of remarkable properties you can choose to stay at for an unforgettable time with your fabulous partner. They are all easily accessible from Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Everything here will be taken care of and you can have the best date of your life without worrying about a thing in the universe.

Wake up in a white dream when you stay at this boutique service apartment in Delhi

When you are too busy to go outside the city, this luxurious apartment will pleasantly surprise your partner. Located in the heart of Delhi, 10 minutes from Hauz Khas Village, this apartment is equipped with all the modern amenities guaranteeing a pleasant stay. You can choose to spend the day cooking together in the kitchen, and then go out in the evening. Or you can simply watch your favourite Netflix show late into the night.

Price: ₹6,900 per night

Accommodates: 2 | Bedroom: 1 | Bathroom: 1 | Kitchen: 1

Where: Safdarjung, New Delhi, Delhi

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Stay at this splendid farmhouse when you want to explore the old world charms of Delhi

If history fascinates both you and your partner, this amazing farmhouse will make it easy for you to explore the glorious past of the city. It is strategically located very close to India Gate and several other famous monuments including Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and Jama Masjid. When you are done exploring the historic city, come back to this comfortable home and go deeper into the details while watching your favourite history documentary on Netflix.

Price: ₹9,499 per night

Accommodates: 2 | Bedroom: 1 | Bathroom: 1

Where: Sunder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi

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Explore caves in the morning and come back to this lavish apartment by evening in Mumbai

This one is for adventurous couples. Explore Kanheri Caves in the morning and when it's dark, come back to this super luxe apartment. Play a game of carrom or just sit together in the balcony watching the skyline as the sunset paints the sky. When you want to take it a step further, watch your favourite rom-com. People who laugh together, stay together.

Price: ₹10,350 per night

Accommodates: 12 | Bedroom: 4 | Bathroom: 4 | Kitchen: 1

Where: Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Wake up to the misty mountains when you stay at this elegant villa in Nashik

If you and your partner are nature-loving people, this elegant villa is going to exceed your expectations. With the grand view of the Western Ghats, the villa is equipped with all kinds of modern amenities. There is a super cool swimming pool complete with an artificial waterfall for you to enjoy the marvellous scenery around while having a drink in the pool. Feel the intensity rise when you try to understand the mysteries of the universe, while watching Cosmos together.

Price: ₹11,016 per night

Accommodates: 2 | Bedroom: 1 | Bathroom: 1

Where: Igatpuri, Nashik, Maharashtra

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Escape to another world as you stay at this chic apartment in Bengaluru

When you need a break from routine, choose this place for a great staycation. It boasts all modern amenities and has a fully-equipped kitchen. There is a cozy, tastefully-decorated balcony where you can get lost in amazing conversations with your date. Did I tell you there is also a swimming pool you can use?

Price: ₹12,085 per night

Accommodates: 6 | Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 3 | Kitchen: 1

Where: Hope Farm, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Find your own paradise when you stay in this impressive farmhouse in Gurgaon

When you want to be in Goa but are stuck in Gurgaon, choose this place as your escape. This Goan style ultra-luxury farmhouse is amazing at so many levels. From elegantly-furnished comfortable bedrooms to a basement for recreational activities, you won't run out of things to do with your partner here.

Price: ₹17,250 per night

Accommodates: 10 | Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 2| Kitchen: 1

Where: South City 1, Gurgaon, Haryana

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Go on a double date and also take along your pet to this mind-blowing villa in Pune

When both of you are fond of pets and want to share an extraordinary night with each other, choose to stay here. Enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from the balcony and the serene surroundings. The villa is super luxurious and has a grand living room with a huge LED TV where you can watch your favourite shows with your partner into the night.

Price: ₹17,250 per night

Accommodates: 4 | Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 3 | Kitchen: 1

Where: Pune, Maharashtra

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Experience Goa in a new light when you stay at this luxe Portuguese-styled uber-cool villa

This is hands-down the most interesting property I had seen in a while. Complete with a jacuzzi and a private pool, this beautiful accommodation has it all. Strategically located not far from popular beaches of Baga and Panjim, this villa promises an extraordinary stay. It is constructed on the principles of Japanese Zen and is sure to leave your partner spellbound.

Price: ₹20,000 per night

Accommodates: 6 | Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 3| Kitchen: 1

Where: Pilerne, Goa

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Get cosy in the private pool and marvel at Pawna Lake outside, when you stay at this holiday home in Lonavala

This lake-side chalet is straight out of a fairytale. It is located right next to the Pawna Lake with lush green well-landscaped gardens around. The oh-so-cool bedroom has a swimming pool inside and will surely make things interesting. Sit on the porch and forget the world with your lover by your side as you are awed by the wondrous view of the lake.

Price: ₹55,200 per night

Accommodates: 12 | Bedroom: 4 | Bathroom: 4| Kitchen: 1

Where: Pawna Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra

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So, where are you going to Netflix and chill?