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No More Petrol Or Diesel Cars In UK By 2040

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UK authorities are looking for a complete ban on the sales of petrol, diesel as well as hybrid vehicles in the country by 2040. 

The local media in the UK reports that the authorities are contemplating a total ban on internal combustion engined vehicles in the country by 2040. This ban would also cover all the cars with hybrid setups – which combine an internal combustion engine with electric motor(s).

The UK authorities are committed to make all-electric vehicles mainstream in the nation. Fellow European nations like Norway and France had already announced similar intentions not too long ago.

The UK government has been constantly under pressure from local non-profit organisations over concerns regarding air pollution. The authorities are also planning to announce a scrappage scheme for older diesel vehicles by 2020. The total budget of UK’s air pollution tackling reforms is said to be around GBP 3 billion.

While manufacturers in Europe have been striving to make diesel technology sustainable for future following the Dieselgate scandal, certain Euro nations are already ushering the end of long established car powertrains – which even includes the less infamous petrol motors. Presently, the market share of all-electric vehicles in the UK is miniscule. The EV sales in the nation as of now account for less than one per cent of monthly sales.

Certain car makers, like Volvo, have already predicted such turn of events. The Chinese owned Swedish company had recently announced its plans to go pursue the electric route beginning 2019, which also extends to its performance division – Polestar.