Source: Getty images
Source: Getty images

Apple Kills IPod Nano And IPod Shuffle


Tech giant Apple has discontinued its traditional music players — the iPod Nano and Shuffle, reported an international newspaper. Both these products haven't been updated in a long time, forcing them to be obsolete. In their time, both the iPods were iconic parts of the Apple line-up. The Shuffle offered a shrunken music player to people like runners, and the Nano was a tiny version of the popular iPod.

However, the two iPods were the only gadgets of the collection that didn't run on iOS and did not they have an internet connection which forbids their use of Apple Music.

Previously, Apple had dropped the iPod classic in 2014. The only product left in the shrinking line is the iPod Touch which has been updated in the recent years.

Despite the discontinuation of the iPod models, Apple has consistently used the name 'Pod' for different products like the HomePod or AirPods.