Coffee Art & Eat Lots Of Cake At HobbMob's Weekend Workshop

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What Is It?

Coffee painting is literally what it sounds like: Painting with coffee instead of colours. Coming Saturday {July 29}, Let’s Dino and HobbMob are organising a fun class where artists {or not} and coffee enthusiasts will get an insight into this age-old art over coffee and nibbles.

Who Is It For?

If you don’t mind a few hours of your Saturday evening exploring coffee and painting, sign up. We figure that some artists prefer working with coffee because it gives them a myriad shades of brown to work with a colour spectrum that’s a world away from oil or tempera. 

Why Should I Go For It?

It’s your chance to do something more with coffee other than just drinking it. You’re going to learn a bit about the history {it’ll be short} of this art form before moving on to discovering the different textures, colours or effects you can create using a variety of coffees.

We’re told that participants will first practice on an easier sketch before graduating to a more complex one. And then, in true hipster style, everyone critiques artworks over coffee and cake. Sounds like a cool weekend right there.

Anything Else?

Follow the updates on this Facebook page and buy your tickets here.

When: July 29

Where: HobbMob Studio, Hauz Khas Enclave

Timings: 5pm – 7pm