Less Than 3 Hours Away From Delhi, Lies A Majestic Palatial Resort Waiting To Blow Your Mind

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Alwar, the gateway to Rajasthan, is studded with beautiful heritage forts and palaces that are now converted into hotels, giving commoners a chance at living the life of a royal. This palace, built on land chosen by the Mughal emperor Babur, is an expanse filled with all things luxury. Restored by the Neemrana Hotels, the Tijara Fort Palace dates back to the 19th century, when it stood as a proud stronghold of the dynasty. Now, you can get a taste of its legacy by staying in its renovated and refurbished part on a quick weekend getaway from Delhi.

→ Ideal for

Luxury seeking couples or a small group of friends who neither want to travel too far nor spend exuberantly over a long weekend.

→ About the property

Studded with beautiful hanging gardens and magnificent chandeliers that date back decades, the Tijara Fort Palace is unlike other heritage hotels in and around Alwar. Spread across eight acres, it can take guests an entire day to explore the property completely. The palace has 21 well-adorned rooms named after India's leading artists and painters. The dining and living area in the Tijara Fort are decorated to resemble the opulence preferred by royals.

Tijara Fort has two main palaces: Rani Mahal, meant to accommodate the queens, and Mardana Mahal, meant for the kings. Other than these major structures, the Aam Khas, living area, and Hawa Mahal are also prominent attractions within the fort's area.

→ Food

Authentic Rajasthani cuisine with elements of Mughlai decadence are served in the dining halls of Tijara Fort.

→ Cost

There are five types of accommodation options available at the Tijara Fort: Pent House Suite, Turret Suites, Suites, Grand Rooms and Heritage Comfort Rooms. All the following rates are for double occupancy with extra charges for meals (excluding breakfast).

The Heritage Comfort Room costs Rs 7,000 per night. The Grand Room costs Rs 7,500 per night. The suites cost Rs 11,000 for one night. The Turret suites and penthouse suite cost Rs 12,000 and Rs 15,000 per night respectively.

→ Best time to go

The best time to visit Alwar as a weekend getaway from Delhi is during the winter months, which usually start from October. The monsoon season in Alwar is quite pleasant as well.

→ What to do here and around the property

The hotel management happily provides a guided tour of the eight-acre property, while explaining the history of the fort as well as the details that hark back to its regal past.

Situated at the heart of Alwar, the Bala Quila Fort is a majestic complex perched 1,000ft above the city. The fort has over 15 large and 51 small towers, and is laden with intricately-designed marble columns and lattice windows. The fort is 64km from the Tijara Fort Palace.

The Neemrana Village is also near the hotel. If you have the time and budget, definitely try a hand at adventure activities such as flying fox and zip-lining available a the Neemrana Palace hotel. The Neemrana Palace is under two hours away from the Tijara Fort Palace.

→ Getting there

The nearest metro city to Tijara Fort Palace is Delhi.

By Road: The Tijara Fort Palace hotel is 117km from Delhi, which takes under three hours to reach. The quickest route is via NH48 and Alwar-Bhiwadi Road.

By Rail: The nearest rail-head to Tijara Fort Palace Hotel is Alwar Railway Station, which is very well-connected to Delhi. You can ask the hotel to arrange a pick-up from the station.

By Air: The IGI Airport in Delhi is just 97km from the Tijara Fort Palace, and the hotel can arrange a shuttle to and fro the airport.