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The Good Old Physical Keyboard Is Back With BlackBerry KEYone!

Team Republic |

The design legacy of the BlackBerry returns, now with Android OS; and the good old physical keyboard is back too!

It's solid, has an air of indestructibility, and has a function over form design. For the Indian market, it's gone all black, extenuating the design and feel further… & even the logo has gone all glossy black! Commitment to the cause we say.

The big question then is… do you want to use a phone with physical keyboard in 2017; let alone it be BlackBerry? If you are the person who has a lot of productivity in mind and have security of data as a priority on mind… you should. Or the other reason could be… to stand out in the crowd.

BlackBerry KEYone is a phone that looks like how a BlackBerry phone should look & it’s got the specs… just not the flagship ones but they are enough to keep you juiced up for more than a day and a half on average, thanks to the 3505 mAh battery and the efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC chipset. Then there is type - c charging; juicing up the phone up to 50% in 36 min according to the company.

The device has a 4.5-inch display that has a resolution of 1620X1080, that is bright and vivid. The speaker quality on the KEYone is loud. We also love the fact that since there was no real estate space available on the phone to add a fingerprint sensor, BlackBerry smartly integrates it on the 'Spacebar' button of the physical keyboard, and you need not touch the captivating touchscreen as there are as many as 56 assignable shortcuts to the physical keyboard itself.

Then there is DTEK on the KEYone, an app that's designed to protect the privacy of your data. The Indian version gets 64 GB memory on board as compared to the measly 32 in the international version and comes with hybrid sim tray, making this the 1st BlackBerry dual-sim phone. Oh, yes… you can swap that for additional storage up to 2 TB via a memory card.

This time, it seems with the KEYone, BlackBerry has the right KEY to unlock a successful comeback in the Indian market.


  • Amazing form factor
  • Practicality sprinkled by the ton
  • Fingerprint sensor placement and accuracy
  • Great camera & overall specs
  • Nostalgia reboot


  • No wireless charging
  • Not water resistant
  • Only LCD Display, no OLED at this price point